Green Manufacturing

As part of Brother Group, we are absolutely committed to minimising our environmental impact, providing the very best working conditions for our employees and making a positive contribution to the communities where we work.

Brother Industries (UK) Ltd. has a zero waste to landfill policy, so all of our customers can rest assured that any waste resulting from the manufacturing process will be dealt with responsibility.

Brother Industries (UK) Ltd. has much to be proud of - from achieving the rigorous ISO14001 standard for Environmental Management, ISO9001 for Quality Management or ISO18001 Health & Safety Management, to strict compliance to WEEE, RoHS and REACH directives.

Green Workforce


5R Concept

Reflecting Brother's unique concepts for creating new values in different forms. The Brother Group conducts environmental activities based on the "5R," which adds "Refuse" and "Reform" to the "Reduce," "Reuse" and "Recycle" 3R that serve as the basis for establishing a recycling-oriented society. "Reform" in particular is a Brother-original idea for creating values by changing the form of the present things based on new approaches and ideas.

BSI ISO 9001 BSI ISO 14001 BS OHSAS 45001 UL746D 2004 Qales Quality Award 2002
ISO 9001
Quality Management
FM 24218
ISO 14001
Environmental Management
EMS 88203
BS OHSAS 45001
Occupational Health & Safety Management
OHS 542926
UL Approved Moulder to UL746D Standard
Wales Quality Award