Laser Marking

Laser Marking

Laser marking needs no masks or chemicals, gives a better quality finish and there is never any bleed out, also the marking is more permanent. Our laser marking machines offer increased flexibility and enable us to print on various polymers using software text and symbol programmes.

Tampo and Silk Screen Printing

Our Tampo and Silk Screen Printing facilities offer further options for printing on injection moulded parts.
Other Services
Other Services

Blister packaging

Blister packaging forms can be manufactured to suit customer requirements.

Environmental testing and other services

Additionally we own a number of facilities that allow us to perform specialistic testing and manufacturing services. Those include, but are not limited to:

BSI ISO 9001 BSI ISO 14001 BS OHSAS 45001 UL746D 2004 Qales Quality Award 2002
ISO 9001
Quality Management
FM 24218
ISO 14001
Environmental Management
EMS 88203
BS OHSAS 45001
Occupational Health & Safety Management
OHS 542926
UL Approved Moulder to UL746D Standard
Wales Quality Award