Other Services

Image of two staff discussing and reviewing project progress

Project Management

At Brother moulding we can provide a complete injection moulding project management service and help you develop your new projects, re-design current products or help you with tool relocation and mould transfers.​

A dedicated project manager will guide you through each stage of your project and provide regular progress updates.


Brother moulding division has over 30 years of experience in both cell assembly techniques and high-volume flow lines. ​

By adopting lean manufacturing techniques, our production engineers can ensure maximum production and assembly efficiency.

Image of BIUK production staff assembling toner cartridges

Image of staff carryingout measurements ensuring tooling is correct

Engineering Support

​ Armed with a team of dedicated graduate engineers, designers, technicians and professionally qualified quality control engineers, Brother moulding division is well placed to provide support to our clients in areas such as design and raw material selection.

3D Printing & Rapid Prototyping​

We can supply a 3D printed prototype sample of your design before you invest in injection moulding tooling. 

Image of the BIUK 3D printer, this is used to print parts used in our automation process

Image of our X-ray machine, this is used to test the contents of our products to ensure quality and safety
Image of our environmental simulation enclosure to test how our products perform under extreme heat, extreme cold and varying humidity

Testing capabilities​

Our manufacturing facility based in Wrexham contains a range of equipment to accommodate clients with even the most specialised testing and manufacturing requirements including environmental chamber testing, vibration testing, XRF testing, and tensile testing to name but a few.​​

Blister Packaging​

Our engineers can create blister packaging to meet even the most complex designs.

Image of our Blister packing production line

Image of tampo product

Tampo and Silk Screen Printing​

The process of tampo and silk screen printing allows for print to be applied even to the most complex of surfaces so whatever your printed injection moulded part requirements we will deliver.​