Recycling Technology Centre

Brother Industries (U.K.) Ltd. Is the Recycling Technology Centre for the Brother group. We are developing innovative recycling methods for the Brother group to use in their worldwide facilities. We collect cartridges from all over the world, and have recycling facilities in Europe, Japan and the USA.

Image of our facilities around the world

Through extensive research and development, we have designed efficient recycling processes and products that can be reused and recycled to their full potential, to minimize our environmental impact and create a sustainable business.

Design for Recycling

At Brother, we are unique in the way we create and design our products. From the very beginning, we work extensively with engineers in our HQ in Japan, to design cartridges in such a way that ensures they can be re-used efficiently in the Brother facilities. This ensures that waste is kept to a minimum without compromising the quality of a cartridge. In fact, every Brother cartridge that we remanufacture is exactly the same quality as a brand new one. The durable components of each cartridge are reused, and whatever cannot be reused is recycled – absolutely nothing goes to waste. This is the top level of recycling.

Image of our Zero Waste hierarchy

We refuse/rethink/redesign new products to be able to collect them after being used to give them an additional life reusing as many parts as possible, reducing waste throughout the whole process.

Zero waste hierarchy for Europe